Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Homemade Christmas: Quilts for Everyone!

Yay! The second and third Christmas quilts I made (I made a fourth, but wouldn't you know I forgot to take pictures of it?!?)! I made a big gingham check Dem Bones quilt for my nephew, and a watercolory Luxe in Bloom HST quilt for my parents. The last quilt was for my mother in law, all made from Luxe in Bloom too, but, sheesh, memory failed me. The back of the Dem Bones quilt I used just Indian Summer, because I love that print big like that. It's great to use in a whole cloth way (like here!). The gingham pattern was pretty easy. I think I used 4.5" squares? Sewed them into strips, sewed them together. You can see the Dem Bones fabric here, if you're interested in making one!

The next quilt, with lovely model Sophia (it was her first time sitting in a chair, I'm not sure she liked it), I made for my parents. I made big HST using the method where you cut big squares, sew around the edges, then cut them open? You know that method? It's this one. Then I sewed them together. Pretty basic quilts, but I love how they turned out.

Oh, and when I hung the Dem Bones Quilt, I hung it upside down, so the Skullstripe's skulls were upside down. Didn't notice until I go to editing the pictures, and the quilt was already on its way to its new home. So, just ignore that. 


Besta Fera said...
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Tribo Fitness said...

Love the Skullstripe! ANd Love Sophie! :) Athena