Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Log Cabin Quilt

Well hello all! A post! Look at this, a post Christmas post! The presents have been delivered (thanks Santa), so it's time to let the cat out of the bag. I'm sure most people would do a 'homemade gift' post before Christmas, to be helpful to others who wanted to do the same thing. But me, no, not that organized. After Christmas. Just jot these ideas down later on in your calendar so that you remember them for Christmastime. 

First up, my husband's quilt. I made a log cabin quilt for him, nearly a king sized quilt, but just a bit shy. I really loved making this, the layout options, for sure, were the best part. Before I even started cutting fabric I had the diagonal stripe in mind, and after a brief survey of friends, it won outright. I do very much like all the possibilities though. 

I made it all with old shirts, shorts, pockets, except for the navy on the back, I totally ran out of material and had to use some Luxe in Bloom Crystalline Cobalt. It's really a nice fabric to match stuff together. Pretty masculine, as far as quilting fabric goes, when used on it's own.

The edges all turned out pretty straight (out of all the quilts I made, somehow this gigantor ended up with the straightest edges), and the quilting worked well, I think I had like one or two spots where I had to go back and fix. Largest quilt I've made, check, under the belt.


Christine S said...

Wow that's a big quilt. Someday...lol. It looks great!

marcille said...

I think your quilt is beautiful!