Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finished Arcadia Pillowcase!

I broke down and machine sewed the rest of this pillowcase (if you remember here, I'd hand sewn the blocks, which was great fun), because I had the machine out. I love how this turned out. I didn't save enough of the fabric to make the back, so I had to grab something else. Still my design, but one I'd printed out on Spoonflower.

Don't you think the front looks fun? I love how individually, the prints sort of meant for children, but when you cut them up and put them back together, they're just regular old classy. My husband even said he liked it. Which is a total win in my book. Especially because the same day I had made two other pillows the same day that he chuckled at, before realizing they weren't supposed to be laughing matters.

Either way, I can't wait to get my hands on the full collection. I'll be getting my pre-cuts soon, and you can get some for yourself very soon too, June, in fact! Check out Cloud 9's website for more on Arcadia.

p.s. I thought my tile walls were bright white...until I put this white fabric next to them. How do you whiten 30+ year old sunbleached tiles?
p.p.s. Can you see the thread in the first image? Just hanging out right on top of the block? Grumble. I always think, oh, I can photoshop that out. No I can't. Who do I think I am? Oh well.

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