Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dem Bones Baby Pants

This has been a whirlwind spring, with lots of great projects that have kept me super busy. I've got Surtex coming up, which I'm super excited about, and a few other projects that are under wraps right now, that have also kept me busy at the computer and drawing table. It hasn't left much time for sewing.

While I was making some mock up products for my Surtex booth, I finally got to sewing some Dem Bones. I've still got a while list of projects in my head, and hopefully will get something done before Father's Day, because I think it's a perfect collection for Dads and kids. In the meantime, though, I've just focused on the kids. I used Made by Rae's free Newborn Pant Pattern, and Crafting Zuzzy's Free Baby Boy Shorts Pattern. They're both great patterns, Crafting Zuzzy's has links to instructions, the website just has the pattern, but they're pretty basic, so easy enough to figure out your own.

Rae's pattern is super cute and easy to follow as well. I'm working my sewing skills up to snuff so that I can justify buying some patterns. There are a ton on her site that I've got my eye on, especially for Arcadia, which comes out in June.

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Kelly said...

They are super adorable Sarah!