Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ooooh Arcadia!

 Ooooh, Arcadia! No real fabric yet, but I got the strikeoffs (little cuts of fabric before they produce it all, to make sure the color and print look okay!), and those are always so much fun to play with. It's usually a pretty small cut of fabric, so you get it, and you're itching to do something with it, but you don't want to cut up your beautiful new fabric...but then you do.

I've been really enamored lately with Carolyn Freidlander and her ideas (such great ideas!). I can't wait to get into more slow sewing, but for now, I decided I'd just check and make sure I could just do a straight line. I can. Check that one off the list.

I looked up some tiny quilt blocks, and got a little intimidated (and lazy) with the cutting. I didn't want to get up and find a ruler... So I just stuck with something that I could sit on the couch (or on the beach) and cut, without worrying. Just a square. I cut out a bunch of 2" squares and started sewing, and got these cute little blocks. They look so springy to me. I hope you have spring weather already, but if you don't, I hope these warm you up a bit.

These last few pictures are my favorite. You can't see the fabric that well, but I love the ocean in the background. The picture looks so warm and fresh, but don't be fooled, it's just plain old hot here. And look at those stitches! Pretty straight, right?

For more info on where to find the fabric, check out Cloud 9's website.

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