Monday, June 9, 2014

Hand Sewn Father's Day Gifts

Hey all! Isn't it about time to start thinking 'oh man, Father's Day is less than a week away, quick- what can I make'? I can't lie to you, I already turned my present in, but that was just because I happened to be seeing my Dad early this year. Now, again, I can't lie, I didn't make my present either. I bought it. But I did buy it from an artist, so at least it was handmade by someone.

So, back on topic, if you're still looking for something to make good ole Dad this year, check out some of my favorite many projects, and maybe, just maybe, think about using the coolest, most awesome manly fabric out there, Dem Bones.

Molly's Sketchbook Adjustable Apron (I have to admit, Purl Soho is my go-to gift idea generator. Lots of really clean, simple projects)
Molly's Sketchbook Father's Day Tie (see, I told you)
The Cottage Momma's Boxy Dopp kit tutorial (am I the only one that always thought it was called a dobb kit?)
Raechel Myer's Oven Mitt Tutorial
Hawthorne Thread's super great gift roundup (so helpful to have it all in one place, right?)

Yes, now take each of these projects, and imagine them in these fabrics!

For where to buy Dem Bones, check out Cloud 9's website: here!

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