Monday, June 30, 2014

Flowers in the home

I keep telling my husband that it's really okay if he brings home cut flowers, just every now and then, because it's pretty much job research for me. (I try to stick to real living plants, you know, they're so much happier, and smell better in the end). I was cleaning up the house before heading out on a 10 day camping trip, and found this old drawing I had started the last time my husband bought me flowers (birthday, maybe?). I happened to have some flowers in the house at the time (seriously, he's only bought me flowers like 4 times in 4 years, it sounds like I get them every week or something), and thought to take some pictures of them. Maybe I can finish this flower drawing then. We'll see. Either way, it's nice to have some flowers in the house every now and then.

Oh, somehow I snuck in that picture of the lavender seed package. It's so nice to embroider on paper sometimes. I'm thinking about framing this little guy.

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