Monday, October 31, 2011


The negative of a stencil I made for a tee shirt a while back. Aren't kittens just the best?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Work without a Computer

Recently I've been thinking back to the days before I had my own computer. 

It wasn't that long ago. All through college I used a public computer lab, and my first two years in the 'real world' I didn't own a personal computer. All of my emailing was done at work, and any research I did for personal work I did.... where did I do that? I know somehow I made it through college without a computer, and never felt a lack of inspiration and research sources. 

In fact, sometimes the sensory overload of what's on the internet these days is a little overwhelming, and intimidating! Some days I like to go to a trusted place to get away from everything that's out there, and research and sketch. It's an amazing resource, and can be found virtually everywhere you go. Where is this place? Why it's the public library. 

There's nothing like the smell of the public library. I guess it's the old books. I took my first visit to Atlanta's largest library today, and there is whole floor (it's a 6 floor library, dreamy) dedicated to reference books. This is usually my favorite section. Below are some shots of the amazing spines you'll find in the aisles of the reference section.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Nature Coast

The bend in Florida is one of my favorite places to drive through. I used to make the trek at least once a year, on the way to my grandparent's house (not quite over the river and through the woods, but close). It's an extremely flat landscape, filled with pines, oaks and palmetto palms. It's hot, dry and dusty, and instead of the red dirt I see here every day, there is sandy soil. The whole area seems to be on it's own agenda, and most of the buildings look like they've been trapped in a different era. A great place to drive through, but I'll have to tell you, I've never actually stopped. Below are some pictures from my trip to Orlando, will recap with more detail later.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Off to Florida

Mainly for a little family time, but partially to Orlando for a conference (okay, I'm not going, it's for my husband).

I'm sooo excited to go find Rifle Paper Co's store down there. They are based in Orlando, so I have high hopes. Their stuff is so incredibly beautiful. I've been trying to keep spending to a minimum, because saving is good for you, but I might have to get myself a little something while I'm there.

Also on my list of things to do is...well, the majority of the items on Design Sponge's Orlando City Guide. It looks like there is a lot of good stuff going on down there, I'll come back with a good report.

Images: Makr Carry Goods & Rifle Paper
I'll be away from the computer for about a week, so instead of looking for a new post, howsabout you go back and look at some oldies, but goodies?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rainy days here, sunny days somewhere else...

Today's forecast in Atlanta, rain all day. Lots of cloud cover. It's been pretty drab and dark most of the day, and, although I'm a huge fan of this weather, it's not doing much to spark any creativity. So. I found myself flipping through an old surf magazine, and realized that those sunny warm images were something that needed sharing. Just get my head dreaming of sunny days somewhere else.

Photo Credits:

1. The internet gave me this one. It's posted everywhere, I can't find the original owner.
2. Shakas and Single Fins
3. Ryan Heywood via Liquid Salt Mag
4. Odina Surf Blog
5,6. Sterling Spencer's Blog PinchMySalt

Monday, October 10, 2011

Something new at Sarah Watson Illustration!

Hey there!

Last week I had a big surprise with a little shout out on Brooklyn Bride, a modern wedding blog.  I know I used this site as a resource when planning my wedding, and have huge respect for their design sense. Their team has a great color sense, understands the importance of details, and has an overall aesthetic that I, and probably a lot of other people, enjoy.

So, now that I've told you how great they are, and that they feature the best of the best, I will let you know that they did a short but sweet post featuring my calligraphy. I was super excited to find out about it, and realized I need to pump up my wedding portfolio a little more! Here's just a little something new I did to try and lure all you future clients into my design trap! Muaahahaha.

A fun note, as it is a mockup, I used "fictitious" names and dates. The names are my parents. Ain't that sweet?

I love this colorway, but also offer this design in many other colorways, so it can easily be customized for your wedding. The design is initally based on a print I did (for fabric), which is the backdrop of the first image. This can be printed for handkerchiefs, hand sewn fabric envelopes, whatever your heart desires!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sketchbook Today: Items on my desk

I went a little crazy with the photoshop editing. It happens all the time. I don't have a phone/camera/digital device that makes my photos look hip-hip-hipstamatic. Sorry, case of the hipstamatic-hiccups.

Hipstamatic or otherwise, I don't have anything that changes my photos easily and effortlessly for me, but I do have Photoshop (okay, I guess, technically, that qualifies for something that changes my photos easily). I'm not great at it, and don't know all the right techniques, so the outcome isn't usually very good. I do realize it is a wonderful tool, and find myself spending far too much time editing photos every now and then. I learn little by little by looking up tutorials and learning from them. I am in no way a photographer, but it is nice to take my point and shoot's pretty decent work, and jazz it up a little bit.

Okay, back to the real subject though, this is usually what my desktop looks like. A few pads of paper, pencils, pens. A cup of coffee, a ruler and a circle template that somehow made it's way to my pile of art supplies after college (I use it all the time), and some work, halfway done. This is the gist of how I work.

Chris Benz + Nicolette Mason = Color fun.

Having a little bit of a color heart attack here with Nicolette Mason's photos of Chris Benz's new line.

I'd say this collection was made for me, but who are we kidding, I like sweat pants. Of course, there aren't enough colorful, floral sweatpants out there... But I probably wouldn't wear those anyway. I'm such a fan of grey and black. Makes all the color that much more interesting.

That first gal is so much my favorite, I can't wait to do some work based on this picture. She's a muse if I've ever seen one.

Fashion by Chris Benz, photos by Nicolette Mason.