Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dem Bones: Skullstripe

A little preview of Skullstripe, a really nice linear pinstripe type print, to get you ready for Dem Bones, coming out this fall with Cloud 9 Fabrics. I can't wait to get this fabric in and start making stuff. Not stuff. I recently had a conversation with my Gramma, and she said once you call something 'stuff' it's time to get rid of it. So no, not stuff, but...gifts, clothing, housewares and quilts. Yeah! That's what I can't wait to get into! What are some of the projects running around in my head for Skullstripe? Glad you asked:

-little boy boxers
-or, even better, tiny little boy bloomers, I think little bloomer/diaper covers are so cute (we have a million new babies in our apartment building right now)
-ties for dad! (Brazilian father's day is coming up, August 11th I think)
-Okay, pretty much any apparel for boys or men, this would be an amazing button down shirt for a boy, even better in a Charlie Sheen type bowling shirt, with accents of Checkerbone from Dem Bones
-I think this would be an amazing simple apron. Very hard core baker, am I right?
-As this is a directional print, I think it'd look great anywhere you'd use a stripe in a quilt, on binding (with those skulls popping up here and there?), as a border to a single (skull) block.

Colors I'm thinking will go really nicely with Dem Bones (I mean, other than all of them, since it's black and white, it'll really go nicely with everything) are chartreuse, ochre yellow, pea green, ruby, all the neons, and of course, simple creme. 

More about Cloud 9's GOTS quilting weight cotton. Wait, what? GOTS? What is GOTS? Is that a nice way of saying 'I GOTS to have this fabric!'? Maybe. But it also stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and is one of the highest standards for organic products out there. If you'd like to read more about it, check out the Global Standard website, and if you'd like to know more about why choosing organic fabric is a good idea, check out Cloud 9's website. For where to buy, check out Cloud 9's FAQ's on their website. They have links for online shopping, stores in the USA, and International. And if you'd like to buy products made form Cloud 9 fabrics, they have links to those too!

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Honora said...

A woman's dress shirt with French cuffs! Or, a fabulous pair of women's trousers!